28 MAY 2005

We knew the Cullman Show, our favorite show, was coming up, so we looked hard at the goats trying to figure out who to take. We wanted to take a wether and found Ollie ready to go. The old war horse, Venus, had to go. Warrior and Fred had shown well in the USBGA shows we had entered, so they had space on the trailer. We had shown Betsy, Panna, and Glory, along with Yepa, at a couple of shows. Brandy, Hercules' mom, had never shown but was looking really good so was given a spot. Our finally look found Abby. We filled out the trailer with Venus's two little doelings who had to go with thier mom although they did not show. Nickodenus was an add on to the trailer so we could deliver him to his new buyer from Moundsville, AL.
Eleven goats to fit out!! Well all had to get baths, but only three had to be fitted from scratch. Since we had shown the previous weekend in Crossville, we only had to bathe with minor fitting of six. Venus had not shown this year because of her darling six week old doelings. Brandy and Abby had never shown, although we had looked at Abby for an earlier show. Fred, the buck, worked last week, so he was his normal challange just to remove the pungent rutting aroma.
We had sold some goats to Brandon Mitchell, and at the time he expressed an interest in showing. He brought KWM's Mercury over a couple of weeks ago, and we gave him a bath and fittted him out. Brandon and Brittany, and of course Mercury, arrived at our place just as we were getting ready to feed before leaving for the show. They helped with the feeding, loading of Brandy, and we were on our way.
Arriving at the show at 4:30 pm or so, we had plenty of time to bath, trim and pamper the SHOW goats. Upon arrivel we check in and got pen assignments but were told to return in a while to do the formal check-in. After 'a while' Brittany took our show book (Registeration papers on the goats, health certificates and our entry forms). She stood in line for over two hours, but finally we got formally 'checked in'.
This is the only show we know of that shows Bucks before Does. So that meant we had to fit out the boys before the girls. Well, that is not totally true, Venus has had a very ruff coat for over a year; we found a conditioner and wanted to see if we could soffen up her coat. Next was Brandy, who had never shown. This was her first bath, and dirt rolled off her for a few minutes - she was brown on brown. Then we did the bucks, including Mercury, followed by our wether, Ollie. It was now 9 pm, and we had not eaten or checked into the motel. The Mitchells went with us to eat and catch a couple hours of sleep before returning to the AG Center at 7:30 am to finish fitting out the other goats.
Ollie had to be weighted in at 8 a.m. He hit the scales at 80 lbs. at four months old. (We weighed Warrior just for fun - 68 lbs. at just under 3 months.)
Baths for Betsy, Panna, Glory. Brandon took Panna for her bath, and she bit him. Hard. I'm not sure who does not like whom the most, but he didn't want to take her in the ring or for that fact handle her again. The two percentage does were among the last to be bathed and both hated every minutes from the time they were taken for their pen (and food) until they returned to their pen.
Ollie and Becky


This year for the Cullman show all check-ins were supposed to take place on Friday (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), weigh-ins were to be at 8 am on Saturday, and the show was to start promptly at 10 a.m. It didn't. Late arrivals were allowed to check in, and that seemed to throw everything behind schedule. (Pens were assigned on a first-come basis...for most.)

There was a goat parade (with costumes judged by age of the handler) and showmanship classes before the open market show. We talked Becky Williams into show Ollie. Ollie took a fourth. Not bad.
Warrior and Becky Williams


The next to go into the ring was KWM's Warrior (0-3 month). Again we talked Becky into showing him; she had never shown a buck before. Warrior was a gentleman, set up and showed off, but the Judge was not looking for his tough, masculine look today.



Next into the ring was Fred and Brandon's KWM Mercury in the same class, and again we talked Becky into showing a buck. 12 to 16 months old. It was a very big class. Everything went well until we were setting up the goat for the first pass by the judge, Mercury got bored and decided he wanted to, well, do anything except set up. Brandon arrived, and I think Becky was happy to get away with out getting hurt. Again, the Judge was not looking for what Fred or Mercury had and they were eliminated.

Next in the ring were the two percentage doelings (0 - 3 months). I took Yapa in and Brandon, now an expert following his showing of Mercury, took Abby in. Both behaved well, walked on a lead, and set up with only a little difficulty. Abby was selected for sixth and Yapa took a fourth out of a class of 12 doelings. (Becky couldn't help us out in this class....her doeling finished second.)
We had a long wait before our next doe, Glory. We looked at Venus, put her back on the stand and tried to do something about her apperance. Her hair had not soften up. We considered shaving her down or giving her a tight cut; but since I have never done that and she will be returning to the pasture after the show, I decided that I would not clip her down. Pat checked to see how many were in her class. If it was going to be one of those giant classes of 30 or so, and they did have five or six classes with over 30 goats in it, we would scratch her. Only 8 in the class and several suggested we show her. So we allowed the war horse to stay in the show.
KWM's Kattie's Glory


I took KWM's Kattie's Glory into the ring. Unlike some in her class, she acted like she knew exactly what she was doing walking around the ring on a lead and setting up. Unfortunately her poise didn't impress the judge. She took a fourth in a class of eight.

Then a couple of classes later, I took Panna in. She took a fifth out of a class of eight.
Betsy and Brandy were in the same class. We talked Brandon into showing his choice, and he chose Betsy. I took in Brandy, Betsy took a fifth and Brandy took a fourth. As we are being judged, I looked over, and Pat has her hands full with Venus. A couple of he-men came to her aid, but they could not handle Venus either. Pat set down her books and took Venus back. Venus calmed down a little. I finished in the ring, gave Pat Brandy, and took Venus.
The gate to the ring opened, and Venus was the second into the ring. As she hit the shavings her head flew back, and she strutted around the ring. She tried to act up a little at the first set up, but after that she was the sweet Venus we all love. Now Venus has to two doelings, seven weeks old and they have taken a toll on her conditioning, but since the Benz taught her how to eat, she has put some of the weight back on. The Judge like her and gave her a third, to two does that were 'well conditioned'. Venus was happy at least she was happy to be heading to the trailer where whe had food waiting.
We finished loading and left the show at 9 pm Saturday. Stopped for food and gas and arrived back on the mountain at 11:45; got the goats offloaded; fed the herd, dogs, and rabbits and in bed by 1:00 am Sunday morning.

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