In December 2003, we purchased Betsy - a doe who was "probably bred since she's been running with the buck since July." Betsy is a big, beautiful doe, and this would be her first kidding.

By mid January she definitely appeared pregnant and was starting to develop a sack, so we gave her a Covexin 8 shot along with vitamins A,D,E and a BoSe shot. When she had not kidded by the end of February, we gave her a second round of the same medicines. By mid March the tail ligaments were loose, and her huge bag was strutted.

Friday, 9 Apr 04, Betsy kidded. Finally. When Ken went down to do his morning check, he came back to report 2 baby girls. We went down to do normal chores - the first being to let Star Topaz and her 10-day old twins out. There in the pen with Star Topaz was a baby boy, cleaned and dry but with his umbilical cord loosely wrapped around his stomach.

Apparently in cleaning up the first born, Betsy kicked him into the next pen. Fortunately Betsy remembered him when he was brought back to his own home. (We were afraid she would reject him.) We were extremely happy Betsy had triplets. She's a big girl, and we're expecting her kids to be exceptional. One of the babies exhibited signs of White Muscle Disease - a result of our giving the BoSe too early and Betsy using it for her own nourishment.

On May 21, 2005, we took Betsy to her first show., Betsy won a Reserve Champion rosetta for Senior Does at the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association Goat Day and Show, a USBGA show. Betsy took second in the 3 - 4 year doe class then came back to be named Reserve Champion. During the judging, the judge took a couple of looks at Betsy's rear end; and Pat, who was showing Betsy, volunteered that we were programming Betsy for breeding.

Alabama Open Market & International Boer Goat Sanctioned Show, Cullman, AL. May 28, 2005, Betsy takes a fifth.
Betsy's Kids

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