Puppy Love

Several weeks ago we purchased a Great Pyrenees female puppy, naming her Dufus. Our thought was that we needed a puppy to stay with the goats at the top of the hill. Since Dixie has not raised puppies in a while, Dufus could have puppies after she grows up. She was not of the same genetics as Dixie or Big Boy, so we should have great puppies sometime in the future.

We took delivery of her when she was just a few days over two months old and placed her in the pen with Rim Fire and his does. We followed the directions we give those buying puppies from us … we didn’t do anything to her except feed her. We did not talk to her or pat her or anything. The only friends she had were the goats. It took about a week for her and her new best friend, Rim Fire, to bond. They are best of friends. We would check on the goats, and there they were: Rim Fire laying on the ground and Dufus, the puppy, laying with her head on his leg. When Rim Fire went for water, Dufus went for water. They were inseparable. When you saw one, one saw the other. For the next couple of weeks, this is the way it was.

When Dufus went into the pen, Rim Fire had seven does for breeding. We checked the does with our ultrasound and determined all were pregnant. So we moved them to the bottom of the hill and delivered Rim Fire five new does to breed. The does didn’t like Dufus, so she ran to her friend Rim Fire for protection and got it. As the does came into estrus, Rim Fire bred them.

One afternoon, I was feeding the puppy and noticed that Rim Fire was very interested in a particular doe and was being very verbal about it, I noticed Dufus was doing all she could to assist. At one point Dufus started butting the bag of doe of interest. Every time Rim Fire verbalized his undying love for the doe, Dufus butted the doe’s utter. I laughed so hard I almost fell down. You never have a camera when you need one!


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