The Conspiracy Theory – Goats

Have you ever gone to check on your goats only to find a few separated from the rest of the herd or browsing away from the herd? Have you noticed during feeding that some groups will eat together and keep the others away? Have you noticed that when the goats are lounging around in the sun that there are several that lie together or some that lounge away from the rest of the herd? I have finally, after many months of research, determined what is going on.

My research only leads to one thing: a conspiracy! I could swear I overheard a group of goats saying that if they established an alliance, they could take over the feeding area, watering area, best browsing area, or sleeping area. Not ten minutes later, another group would be discussing establishing an alliance to take over.

The conversation might go something like this: ‘If we stick together, we can keep all of the other goats from eating in the good area until we have finished eating.” A question comes from another goat, “What do we get out of this?” “You get more feed that you would normally get.” My goats are forming a union?

Sometimes the dialog might be, “If we block the entrance, then we can get more food by delaying the others from entering the feeding area.”

Do you ever wonder what else your goats are talking about? Well, in our doe paddock you might hear:

“Did you see how fat Brandy has gotten?”

“Have you sent any bucks around?”

“Have you seen my babies?”

“I think some one needs to talk to Betsy about the conduct of her kids.”

“Has any one seen a buck around this place?”

“Do you have any idea why I got a shot last night?”

“Girl, you are really getting fat; when are you going to kid? Oh, you’re not bred? Uh, sorry!”

Sometimes they talk about the weather: “I love this warm weather.” “I hate this warm weather.” “When is it going to quit raining?” “I can’t have babies, it is too cold.”

The buck paddock, on the other hand, is more basic:

“Where’s the food?”

“Where are all the girls?”

“They really want us to walk all the way down that hillside for water?”

“Where did the girls go?”

“Did the guy refill the feeder yet?”

“If we gang up and all rush the guy, we can break through this fence and find the girls! They might get better food than we get.”

My only advice to you is to listen to what your goats have to say. It might be important, or it might just be trivial chatter. You say you can’t hear them? Well, you either do not spend enough time with your goats or you are just not trying. What they “say”, sometimes, will make a difference in their health and well being.


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