Showing Under a
Memorandum of Understanding

When we started in the goat business, we started with several unregistered and percentage does. What is the output of these animals? Bucks and Does. The unregistered or percentage does, bred to a full blood buck, produce percentage does and bucks. As you repeat this process, your herd increases in percentage and quality. But how about those little percentage bucks? What do you do with them? When we started, we sold them at weaning at the local goat sale barn. When you only have a few that works, but remember that a little buckling can breed at three to four months.

Because we didn't want little percentage bucklings breeding, we started wethering our percentage bucklings. We band. Our first group of wethers grew well and were sold as prime. We received over $1.30 a pound (live weight).

We had one really solid buckling that we wethered and showed him at the Cullman Open Market show. With help from Linda Merrell and Jennifer Williams from Kingdom Acres Farm, we fitted out the wether but didn’t shave him down. He weighed in at 55 lbs and Becky Williams showed him. Grover took a third place in a class of 16. Linda thought he would do great during the 4-H show season. Since the Cullman show was really the only one where wethers were shown by adults, we agreed that the 4-H circuit was what Grover needed. So Grover went to live at Kingdom Acres Farm.

We were tickled with our first venture into showing wethers. After doing an Embryo Transfer we determined we needed a tease. Grover had looked great, so we chose his little brother to be the tease.

Ollie was the next of Queue’s bucklings. He looked great as a kid, very much like Grover. Of the shows we went to, a very few had wether shows. We took Ollie to Cullman and Ollie took a fourth. Our next show, Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association Goat Show, we added Ollie to the show list and he took a first place, but had to be shown by a 4H youth.

This kid needed to be shown.

We had tried to sale show wethers before, but no one in our area wanted to pay the price we could get at the sale barn for them. We called the Hallmarks, suggesting they come look at our crop of five wethers for the year. They came down, looked at them, got in the pen with them, but didn’t adopt any of them.

A couple of days later, we had an idea. What if we offered Ollie to Tiffany, the Hallmark’s teenage daughter, to show? We sat down and wrote a Memorandum of Understanding. The memo gave her control of Ollie. We would pay all of the entire fees, she would get all of the cash winnings, and we would get the ribbons. If Ollie won State and was sold, we would equally share the sale price, and Tiffany would get a 500 dollar saving bond from us. Her parents read over the memo and agreed to allow her to sign it. Ollie went home with the Hallmarks.

Oh, Casey, their younger daughter, adopted Zantana for ‘her’ wether.

Ollie has one Grand Championship, one Reserve Championship, four first place finishes and two fourth place finishes.

Ollie showed well, and Tiffany earned a nice purse in each of the show he was in. At the Tennessee State Fair, Ollie placed fourth in his class -a big class. We did not shave down the wethers, I guess a mistake since most of the high placer and winners were shaved like sheep.

Tiffany has already expressed an interest in Queue’s current pregnancy. If Queue has a buckling, Tiffany wants to show it. We agreed. Probably another Memorandum of Understanding. Casey might even get a MOU since she will be showing next year.

In a conversation with the local USBGA representative, USBGA members are encouraged to participate in the Adopt a Wether program. Allowing 4H youth to adopt and show a USBGA member's wether encourages youth to get involved in the goat industry.

Any youth, showing one of our wethers, who wins an overall grand championship at a state event, ie, Tennessee State Fair or Alabama National Fair or equal event in another state, will receive a $500 savings bond.

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