Shots (Vaccines)

We vaccinate all our babies with Covexin 8 either when they are 3 months old (doelings) or 2 months old (bucklings) just before we wether. This is the same as CD/T but protects for other diseases also. The bottle says to give 5cc followed 3 weeks later with a 2cc booster then 2cc boosters once a year. We only give 3cc for the initial dose. We booster all our does within the last 30 days of their pregnancy to protect their kids from birth to 3 months; our bucks get their boosters annually. (Some does may get more than one booster a year.)

Beginning this year we are also vaccinating all our kids with a pneumonia vaccine. We’ve had a lot of trouble the past couple years with pneumonia and have decided this “insurance” is worth the effort. For this vaccine we use 1cc Super Poly Bac B Somnus for the initial shot and 1cc four weeks later then annually; this is off-label for goats.

Before a doe kids, in addition to the Covexin 8 we give each doe 2cc Vitamin A,D,E and 2cc BoSe (because we are in a selenium deficient area). With does in our embryo transfer program we give the Vitamin A,D,E and BoSe the day we start programming them.

Other people vaccinate for other things in addition to the above. One of the more popular vaccinations is for caseous lymphadenitis (CL or CLA). Colorado Serum has two vaccines, neither approved for goat: Case-Bac and Caseous D-T. Colorado Serum does not recommend you use their vaccines on goats because the side effects are not what they would desire. A third method to vaccinate is to have an autogenous vaccine made from a sample of an abscesses that tested positive for CLA. People who use the autogenous vaccine revaccinate yearly; people who use the Case Bac recommend vaccinating every six months.

We give vaccinations SQ – in the loose skin behind or between the front leg. With one hand pinch the skin, forming a tent, then insert the needle into the ent of the tent. Rub the bump formed until it is gone. IM vaccinations should never be given to meat goat in the hip. The rump roast is the prime piece of meat, so IM shots should be given in the neck.

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