Paddock Shelters

2009-2010 has been the wettest winter at Clear Creek Farms since we have had goats. We have had some heavy rain, ice, snow, and showers; but it seems to me it has been wetter than ever. Trying to provide more shelter for the goats, we came up with an easy-to-build, little cost shelter, and it keeps the goats dry.

The first shelter was built at the foot of the hill for the new moms and babies. It is 7' x 12' and provides a place for some of the moms and babies to get in out of the weather. Since this picture was taken we have finished putting on the back and side.


This shelter was built in a very small paddock. This paddock has been used for moms and babies. This 5' x 7' shelter is much better than a tarp shelter previously in this paddock.

A couple of years ago we fenced in a corner off the driveway. We needed a place to put bucklings, so we built this shelter to get them out of the weather. We think this will be a good shelter for this paddock.

We pay 9 cents a board foot to have our logs sawed by the Amish north of town. The tin costs about $10 a sheet, and it takes 3 sheets for the 5' x 7' shelter. Total construction time: 3 hours.

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