My "Goat Day" Story

Now for my "Goat Day" story. (If I can quit laughing) Wednesday evening I was making my feeding rounds, had finished the ones in the barn, and started the outside pastures. I fed the pen with my red buck, "Way Too Hot", and his does (all yearlings) and left them to go to the next pen.

Here were 13 goats all standing up on sawhorse type feeders gobbling feed like they hadn't eaten in a week, when suddenly one of the young does sneezed and farted. Every goat bolted like they had been shot, scaring the goat that sneezed, so she took off, too, and beat them to the end of the pen. They all stop and look around to see what it was and I'm standing there in the next pen, bucket in hand, with tears rolling down my cheeks! They just look at me like I started it! I still laugh when I think of them. They certainly add a lot of laughter to my life!
Mona Enderli
Enderli Farms, Baytown, TX

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