Milking Stand

Over the past months we have been asked about our milking stand.

One of our first goats was a big, half-blood Boer. She kidded and developed mastitis. Our vet was able to pull her through it, but we had to milk her. Ken had not milked a goat, cows yes - goats, no. Bertie was summoned to assist. We tied the goat with a rope to a 4 x 4 post and Ken held a leg. She, the goat, was not into this being milked. After a while, she settled down (about a week); and we learned to milk a "goat." We milked twice a day to keep the milk from destroying her bag and teats. All was well.

About four months later, our Nubian had kids, and her bag got hugh. It was decided that we should milk her and freeze the milk. Note I said, it was decided. Not by the milker. But it was done.

Before we took possession of our first goats we visited several goat operations near us. One of the operators suggested we pick up some 'Shipping Containers' from a location in Huntsville, Al. On Ken's next trip to Huntsville, he picked up two of the containers. They were plywood transmissions shipping cases (I think).

One afternoon, Ken went to milk and decided tying the goat was not best, so he build a milking stand from the top half of one of the containers.

Below are pictures of the milking stand. We now use it for, well, milking, but more often we use it for feeding special goats, trimming hoofs, treatments, and did I say milking.


Milking Stand inside feeding room. The plywood box is 16 inches high, 48 inches long and 28 inches wide. The bucket holder is 20 inches above the stand or 36 inches above the ground.
Crude but functional bucket holder and head catch. Did I say we also tattooed? Note the ink on the sides of the bucket holder.


Bucket holder was built specifically for this bucket.
Head Catch.
A young kid is stealing food.
Head catch with captured goat.

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