Embryo Transfer –
Sucessful Transport Home and
Long Wait

We went down to the 2nd Annual Heart of Dixie Boer Goat Field Day, May 1, 2004 at the Lazy L Farm, Livingston, AL, had a great time and learned a lot. Especially noteworthy was Wess Hallman's showing how he judged and what to look for in a show goat as well as Pete Warlick demonstrating fitting out a goat - with the ability to see up close how, why and what his was doing. Jackie Edwards gave her Boer Goat 101; every time we see it, we learn something new.

Then the rains came. What a rain! We were able to get Kattie loaded in the trailer before the rain, but Xenia and Matilda had to be caught in the storm. Finally after a few minutes, the receips came to the barn. Jeff really has a great setup, I wish, at times, we had a location where we could have a building similar to his.

We got started back after the rain slackened and after dark. Stopped in Tuscaloosa, AL, and checked on the does. They were happy and dry. Arrived home late, and decided to leave the does on the trailer until morning.

We unloaded the does into the quarantine pen where they stayed for two weeks. Xenia had developed a bulge where the surgery had been done, so we gave her a round of medication to get rid of the infection.

After two week of quarantine, the does rejoined the herd and all was wall. Now for the LONG wait for the kids to be born. The two receips are due on the 13th of August. No ShowstopperV Seminar and Sale for us this year. Kattie is due the 21st of August with Hilltop Jerry kids. Our expectations are high.

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