2018 Trailer Saga

Pat and I decided to go on a weekend trip to take four of our premier show does to North Georgia. We had arranged for our does to visit Judy and Johnny Kimbrell’s bucks. With the breeding completed, the does were ready to return to Tennessee. We were up early; visited with Judy and Johnny; loaded the does in the trailer; and departed for home. Just outside Cummings, Georgia, a sedan ran a red light and T-boned the beautiful blue trailer. The car hit the trailer on the right side and knocked the axles out from underneath the trailer. It also knocked the trailer loose from the truck, tearing the hitch from the front of the trailer. Neither Pat nor I were injured, and truck was not damaged - just the trailer which was sitting in the middle of the intersection. I jumped out of the truck to check on the goats. They were not injured and were not even unhappy until the fire truck arrived and sounded that HORN. I’m getting ahead of myself. After we had both assured the police we were not injured, several times; we were advised by the police to sit in the truck so we wouldn’t get hurt. Pat had already called Judy who was at Walmart. Judy called Johnny to hook up the trailer and left her cart in the middle of the store. They arrived at the salvage yard where the trailer and goats had been taken on the back of a truck. The goats returned to the Kimbrell’s, and Pat and I drove to Tennessee.

With both axles torn from the frame, the tongue ripped from the front of the trailer, both fenders destroyed, three blown tires (the box was intact which kept the goats from being hurt). When we heard that the trailer was going to be totaled, we started looking for a replacement. Since we had the 10 years’ experience with the AlumLine, that was the first call. Boy had things changed since I called 10 years ago. Unfortunately, after listing our requirements to replace, they wanted $10,000 more than we paid for the Blue Beauty and there was a three-month delivery date. A friend suggested we call a trailer builder we once showed against.


The price was right (what we had paid for the Blue Beauty) and all our requirements were met; a deposit was sent. Since delivery would be too late for ABGA Nationals, we purchased a livestock trailer to get us through until our new trailer was delivered. With CLEAR CREEK FARMS on the side of our gray livestock trailer, we went to Nationals. With a knee replacement on the horizon, we decided to give the livestock trailer to Nicole.

Upon recovery from my knee surgery, we picked up the new trailer. It was love at first sight - eight pens, a tack area, and it pulled like a dream. We are looking forward to attending many shows with the new Clear Creek Farms trailer.

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