A truck from Tacoma, Washington came and got Warrior. We expect to hear great thing from him and his offspring in the Washington show ring.

March 2006

An old pro in the ring at under 3 months old, Warrior took a first at the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association Goat Day and Show May 21, 2005. The judge commented, "He know what he is suppose to do." When he returned to the ring for the Junior Buck Championship judging, he was overlooked for older bucks - a common problem for young animals. 

Reserve Champion Middle Tennessee Spring Classic 2005

His first show, he looked like a champion. He marched into the ring, set up, moved forward and around the ring, and set up and held his pose and took a first in Junior Bucks at the Middle Tennessee Spring Classic. He returned to the ring for the Junior Buck Champsionship, stood he ground a pranced way with a Reserve Champsionship.

KWM's Warrior finished 2nd in the TGPA Jackpot Show.

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