Full South African
Born: 6 Mar 2003

Hercules is our herd sire, sired lots of kids, has the temperment of a well beheaved teenager. Easy to handle, trash talks with the best of them and knew what his function in the herd is.


Our herd sire.


At the Southern Middle Tennessee Boer Goat Show and Sale in Lewisburg, TN, October 10 2003, Hercules looked good in the ring; but since he was the youngest in the class, he did not size up to the older bucks.

We have collected Hercules' semen a couple of times. The picture on the right is him waiting to be collected for the first time. We have 2 articles about the experience. Click here to read the article we wrote about it. Click here to read the companion article written by Robert Spencer of Alabama A&M.

We collected Hercules' semen again in 2004 at our fall collection. Chick here to read about this collection.

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