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Wilson County Fair Boer Goat Show
August 18, 2006

We have heard the Wilson County Fair Boer Goat show has been sanctioned by all three of the Boer Goat assoications over the years. This year it was an IBGA show. We were not surprised to see some of the best names in the Boer Goat industry showing. The Hipps, Wards, Walkers, Williams, Hales, Griffins, Thompsons, Martins, Careys, Caudle, Logues and many more. It was a big show.

We decided to haul only a few goats to the show and then continue the next day to the Cumberland County Fair. A few ended up being six. Our show string was headed by Venus, Hope, Mystery and the two boys, (Apollo and Bruno). In addition, we took a young doeling from Mitchells' Lovely Boers, Princess Zelda.

Washing and fitting out the goats in really really hot conditions did us both in. By the show start time, we were both exhaulted, but the show must go on.

CCF Mystery was the first to enter the ring, and we were tickled to have her finish second behind the Caudle's percentage doeling in the 9 to 12 month class.

When the fullblood show began, Princess Zelda was on tap. She was a lot smaller then most of the other doelings in the class, and did not finish as high as we had hoped.

CCF Hope SA entered the show ring with her head high and ended up proud but out of the ribbons.

Venus was next. We had though about giving her a tighter grooming similar to the haircut we did last year, but decide to leave her hair un-cut. After her wash job, her hair went wild. It was flying in every direction. In a class of thirteen, Venus was placed 4th and, according to the judge, could have possibly moved up had her grooming been better. Shame on us. Venus, at almost seven year of age, placed fourth in Senior Does over three years of age. We were very proud of Venus.

Did we say that it was HOT at the Wilson County Fair, if not, I do want to repeat it, IT WAS HOT.

Our two Pipeline Explosion bucklings were placed in pens with two other buckling in behind then and beside them. Well, Apollo became very amorous and between he and his brother Bruno, Apollo became very sticky. Pat was not feeling the greatest and since I couldn't carry both in to the ring, Apollo was scratched. Bruno on the other hand, was ready to go into the ring. Bruno handled great moving around the ring. He was not picked to be in the first line on the first view. A second look and Bruno and I moved to the first line, then a few minutes later, we were moved into fourth place in a class of 19. I was excited; he could have cared less.

Oh, there was one other thing we had not heard about at the Wilson County Fair. Our livestock trailer had to be parked with the other livestock trailers "in the back 40." When we asked where to part the trailer, we were told to take a sack lunch an a couple of water bottles for the return hick.

Following the placement of Bruno, we packed, fetched the truck and livestock trailer from it's parking area, loaded up the show equipment and goats and got out on the road for our trip to Crossivlle TN.

Our thanks go out to the folks that put on the show - Mr and Mrs John Clemmons and Kim Hodge. We enjoyed showing under Judge J. R. Patterson.

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