International Boer Goat Show

Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association Goat Show
July 29, 2006

With the heat and humidly, we were very unsure about loading up a bunch of goats and making the four hour drive to Crossville to attend the IBGA show. However we checked the weather mid week, and saw that it was cooler there than here.

Wednesday evening we started gathering the goat for the trip to the show. Brandon Mitchell brought three little girls and a little buckling (and the young'uns' Mom) down to put into the show pen in preparations for the trip to the vet for health certificates. On Thursday we collected the 12 animals for the trip to Pulaski for Dr. Galbraith to examine the animals and certify they were healthy. A death in the greater family caused us to make the trip home then return to Pulaski to the funeral home. We had planned to leave here by 11 for Crossville, but the funeral was at 10, so it was 12 before we crossed the SP. Due to the funeral, some of the animals stayed on the trailer Thursday night. On the road, with cooler weather, the animals enjoyed the trip to Crossville. Our little convoy arrived around 5 pm. We talked with Kenny Carey and decided to unload the animal since some had been on the trailer for 48 hours. Kenny said that several folks were going to spend the night at the show site, so we felt good about leaving them in pens overnight. The animals seem to enjoy having more space.

We were standing around glad handing, being proud of ourselves when we decided that it would probably be a good idea to start bathing and grooming. Four hours later we were almost half finished and decided we could finish Saturday morning.

Saturday morning we had six more goats to bath and groom. We finished about 20 minutes before the show started; change from our goat bath clothes to our show clothes; and the first animal went into the ring.

Mystery, a cute 50% doeling, was our first goat in the ring. She had only been on a lead a couple of time, so we were wondering how she would do. To our surprise, she did not act up. Mystery finished sixth in a class of nine. Going out of the ring, I let her know that we would show her again. That didn't seem to help her feelings, but telling her she could eat when she got back to the pen did perk her up.

CCF Hope SA made the trip, and in a big class, finished seventh. Being young in the class, it was as much as we could expect. As she ages, we will probably show her again. (She was in the class by 3 days.)

Wildcat SA did not get her name from her actions but from an old movie. She was calm in the ring, but was in a really big class. We think her teat structure caused her to be put in the 'No 2' line.

KWM Kattie's Glory SA, about 6 week into her first pregnancy, was a little touchy during grooming and let the judge know she didn't like having her utter checked, but she still finished a strong third. This is her last show for a while. We are giving her time off to have her kids. She is bred to RRD P660 (Ike), and we are looking for beautiful, healthy babies.

Venus was the old pro in the ring -well most of the time. In the picture to the right, we are trying to decide which way she wants to go. I won. Venus took a second and then stood for Reserve Champion Senior Does.

CCF Apollo SA and CCF Bruno SA are being set up by Ken and Brandon Mitchell. A very big class (32). Bruno took a 9th and Apollo was an honorable mention at 12th.

Brandon and Brittany Mitchell took four goats to the show. A little buckling (Hi Power) and doeling (Emerald Dawn SA), both 10 week old, and the two doelings (Princess Zelda and Adela) they showed in Cullman.

MLB Hi Power - 7th Place

MLB Emerald Dawn SA - 6th Place

In the 3 to 6 month old doeling class, Brandon and Brittany took two sweet doelings into the ring, we really think Brandon had decided his was going to place better than Brittany's, but it was reversed. The Judge had different ideas and Brittany's placed higher than Brandon's.

Brandon and Adela

Brittany and Princess Zelda

Thank goodness the trip home was uneventful, and all the goats made it with no problem. At midnight when we arrived back at the farm, we checked the goat, all asleep, gave them water and left them on the trailer for 'one more night'. Sunday they were offloaded, and they will be keep in isolation for 14 days - or until their next show, whichever comes first.

Kenny & Lynn Carey and the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association did a great job, and the show was very well organized, well judged (Judge Armor Maddox), and we had a great time. All of their hard work was evident.

If you are looking to show for the first time or just looking for a show, look at the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association shows.

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