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Cumberland County Fair Boer Goat Show
August 19, 2006

The 'Old Broad' takes Grand Champion Senior Fullblood Doe.

Having left Lebanon, TN, Wilson County Fair after 10:00 pm. we arrived in Crossville TN shortly after midnight. The goats stayed on the Trailer over night with cool water and feed. Getting an early start, we arrived at the Cumberland County Fairground at around 8:30 a.m. Armed with what had to be accomplished we got to work. Pen set up, goats unloaded and we were ready to start. Did I mention that it was also HOT at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds.

To give Venus a haircut or not to give Venus a haircut was the question. I knew it would take at least two hours for the haircut. After much thought and procrastination, we decided not to do the haircut.

Mystery was the first to go into the ring and got the opportunity to stay for the championship 'drive'. She took a second in class and Reserve Junior Percentage Doeling.

Next in was Princess Zelda. Again, she was undersize for the goats in her large class. She was happy she did not finish last....

Hope SA, after much coaxing, finally decide she would re-enter the ring after last nights humiliation. We finally talked her into seeing the bigger picture. Wiping the tears from her eyes, I took her into the ring. At on point the Judge, Linda Flemming said that she loved putting her hands on this goat. Hope took 1st and went to the Junior Doeling 'drive' but was not selected for a Champion or Reserve Rosetta. Hope SA left the ring feeling much better than the night before.

At some point during the Yearling Classes, we put Venus on the grooming stand to remove some of the stains she had picked up in her pen. We beat up each other for not giving her a haircut, but decided it was too late and she would be show as she was. Before she went into the ring, she spotted the area set up for photos, and just had to try out the podium.

She must have determined she wanted to return to the area following the judging. When she entered the ring, walked tall and impressed Mrs Flemming. She set up almost perfect. Tracked almost perfect when she walked and cruzed to a first place in the Senior Doe over five. She stayed in the ring for the Senior Doe 'drive' and again impressed the judge, coming away with the Grand Champion Rosetta and a place. Again she stayed in the ring for Over-all Grand Champion Fullblood doe, but a beautiful doeling 'stole' the Championship.

CCF Bruno SA entered the ring last. He set up ok, but got bored before the judge came to checked him out. Finally he was check. Mouth, testicle, and teats; he passed. Bruno settled down again; he was not sure of the check. A few minutes later, Bruno and I were told to move out of line and to follow her. We did and were placed next to the Gilliam's two buck in the class. after a few minutes, Mrs Flemming point to Bruno and said 'first'. We move over to the first place area and she placed the two Gilliam bucklings in second and third. then placed the balance of the buckling. Then the first three were asked to walk around the ring again. Upon returning to our places, Mrs Flemming told me she was going to rearrange the three, Bruno moved to third and that was the final move. A third to the two Gilliam bucklings was ok. As we were leaving the ring, the judge stated, "I don't know what he does, but all his animals track extremely well."

Gary and Beth Adams, Kenny and Lynn Carey, and the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association, did a great job; and the show was very well organized, well judged (Judge Linda Flemming), and we had a great time. All of their hard work was tremendous as usual.

If you are looking to show for the first time or just looking for a show, look at the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association shows.

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