Fortune SA


Fortune SA at 8 months old.

Fortune at 6 weeks

Kattie's Fortune took a second at the Middle Tennessee Spring Classsic 2005


His first show was the USBGA 2004 Cedar Country Fall Classic. He took a 2nd place 0 to 3 months.

Fortune enjoyed (?) his first trip to the show ring. At least he enjoyed being able to eat all day and all night, and he wasn’t separated from his two buddies – Glory and Hero. He did miss his surrogate mother – and the chow she provides; but since he was almost 3 months old, a little pre-weaning wasn’t a totally bad thing. He didn’t even seem to mind walking around in the ring since he got to lead, but to come in second to his younger twin….well, he wasn’t too sure of that. Still, he was praised for his leading ability; and he was a perfect gentleman (even when that strange lady called a judge was feeling around in places no two-legged creature had messed with before).

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