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We raise South African Boer Goats, striving to produce top quality animals for breeding and show.

Ken and Pat Motes

S G R Cats' Ace In The Hole **ENNOBLED** 9/2013
S G R Cat's Supreme **ENNOBLED** 5/2015
JFJ Jerico Farms Helen of Troy **ENNOBLED** 4/2016
S G R Sheza Charmer **ENNOBLED** 4/2016
S G R One Smart Babe **ENNOBLED** 4/2018

We have updated our boer goats for sale pages. The Fullblood Bucks, Fullblood Does, Percentage Does, Pureblood Doelings, Fullblood Bucklings and Wethers all have new "faces." We have South African Boer Goat Semen Straws For Sale.
Articles on Boer Goat Care
Please visit our articles pages to read about raising boer goats and livestock guardian dogs. We have added a Glossary of frequently used goat words/terms.

Boer Goats for Sale
We are proud of the outstanding genetics in our herd (including some of our boer goats for sale.)

Our goats have their foundation from some of the best breeders in the industry.

We are grateful for those who have chosen to purchase animals from us.

We are
Certified Meat Goat Producers


Ken and Pat Motes
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