The trip to Crossville TN, went well for Queue, after all she had her baby with her and all the feed she could eat. We fitted her out, but since her and Betsy were in the same class, we could not decide who was going to take who into the ring. Finaly it was decided that I would take Betsy and Pat would take Queue, after all Queue had been in the ring a couple of times and knew what to do. We entered the ring, but after only a few minutes, Pat and I swapped goats, Queue heard Ollie and was trying her best to get to him. I took Queue and Pat took Betsy. The judge commented that we had swapped. The swap didn't help Queue. Betsy took second in the 3 - 4 year old Senior Does and Queue finished fourth in the Upper Cumberland Goat Producers Association Goat Day and Show, May 21, 2005.

Queue made the trip to Cedar Country Fall Classic, Open Boer Goat Show, Nov. 6, 2004, and returned home with her second first place ribbon.

When we decided to show in Lewisburg at their 2nd annual Goat Festival, we decided to show five does. Our little Gidget, who we had showed a couple of times, just had not filled out; so we looked at the herd for a replacement. In the afternoon, two days before the show, we spotted Queue returning to the barn. I looked a Pat and she looked at me, and we decided to give Queue a shot.

We gave her a bath which she didn't like at all and dried her off (again she didn't like it a bit). We gave her a manicure, shave and food. She liked the food. We loaded her in the trailer with the rest of our SHOW STRING - Venus, Topaz, Tiffany, and Ophelia.

We unloaded Queue from the trailer, and she fought us all the way to the pens. Then, in the pens, she keep beating up poor little Tiffany and Ophelia every time they tried to get to the food or water. Finally it was her time to go to the ring. Tiffany Hallmark took the lead and started toward the ring. I guess Queue had been bored because she walked toward the ring like a pro. Waiting in line to go in she was a little testy, but as she walked into the ring with Tiffany, Queue threw her head back and walked into the ring as if she had done it hundreds of times before. With one look, the judge selected her from the class of seven as number one, and spent the rest of the time placing the other six. After a few minutes, Queue apparently got bored again and Tiffany had her hands full. Queue became a little high strung while Tiffany attempted to maintain control. As the first place ribbon, check and jar of ChowChow was being present, Tiffany was still having her problems controlling Queue. But as Queue left the show ring with Tiffany not far behind, Tiffany's smile lit up the dreary afternoon. Queue took First Place in the 24 to under 36 month Senior Fullblood/Purebred Does. Tiffany had added a class championship in a 'Big' Goat Show to her resume.

Queue finished 2nd in both the TGPA Jackpot Show and the 3rd Annual IBGA Show in Lewisburg, TN.

Queue finished 2nd at the USBGA Cedar Country Fall Classic 2005.

Queue and Grover

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